Inner Deepening

5-day training with Marianne Bentzen

5-day meditation training with Marianne Bentzen in Casola in Lunigiana, Tuscany, Italy with two days meditation, one day off and three days meditation.


April 21.–26., 2024, Sunday 10 am to Friday 6 pm. A six-day time frame: five training days with Marianne Bentzen and a day off on day 3.
Arrival and departure on Saturday (April 20th and 27th).


Il Convento • Seminar- und Gästehaus • 54014 Casola, Italy.

Inner Deepening

Inner Deepening

Marianne will lead this 5-day meditation training focusing on a spiritual structure of deepening our connection to our own heart and awareness, and to the silent presence of the world around us. She will use modern brain research and practices from modern developmental psychology and psychotherapy. There will be time for exchanges and discussion along the way. Weather permitting, we will also practice outdoors. For the first two days, we will focus on balancing meditation exercises and meditation practices that connect us to the wordless beauty and grace of earth, and sky. 

On the third day, there will be a day to practice individually, or to rest, explore or enjoy the surrounding chestnut forests, the mountains or the river. Or spend the day at the sulphur springs.

During the last three days, we will continue into a deeper sense of connecting to the wordless parts of ourselves and to each other, leaning into the sense of spirit – into grace. There will be a full moon on the 24th, so we will also do a full moon meditation on that evening.

The format of this training will alternate between meditations, practical exercises, theoretical presentations and discussion. Read more


  • Through guided meditations, we will practice deepening into a heartfelt witnessing of our experience 
  • Through movement and interaction exercises, we will practice some of these attitudes in interaction 
  • Through meditative practice, we will begin to separate attention, which relates more to our normal mind and awareness, which relates more to the wider mind/heart connection
  • In group exchanges with Marianne, we will make space to explore emerging personal experiences and find ways to balance or adjust experiences that need it 
  • With an ancient mandala exercise, we will practice versions of a meditative tool for resolving emotional or mental conflicts 

Workshop leader: Marianne Bentzen

Psychotherapist MPF, author, meditation teacher.   

Meditating since the early 1990’s, in 2015 Marianne was certified as a teacher in meditation and mindfulness by her Danish teacher, Jes Bertelsen. She connects psychology and psychotherapy with meditative practice and wisdom research.

Originally, she is a somatic psychotherapist and author. She has worked with clients as well as taught and supervised mental health professionals internationally since 1982. She has presented at more than forty international and national conferences and written numerous articles and books.

Since the early 90’s, she has co-developed NeuroAffective Developmental Psychology (NADP), bridging personality development, brain development, trauma theory and evolutionary psychology. 



German: Neuroaffektive Meditation (September 2019)
Danish: Mødeøjeblikke i psykoterapi med børn (October 2020)
English: Neuroaffective Meditations (January 2022)

Dutch edition of The Neuroaffective meditations book, late in 2023.

Danish: Den Neuroaffektive Billedbog 3 (september 2023)

English: The Neuroaffective Picture Book 3 (October 2023)

German: (Das Neuroaffektive Bilderbuch 3 (November 2023)

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